Sunday, January 1, 2012

Don’t Judge Me…

Okay so… it’s been a while. I have no good excuse so I wont bother you with any sob stories. But I promise to be better and I brought a peace offering... Pictures! And many stories of course :-) Allow me, if you will, to catch you up on our life as a newly married couple. We have had many adventures already, which I have decided to divide into phases. These are just the beginning and I expect there to be many more phases to come and to be honest… I’m pretty darn excited about it :-) And so, we begin:

Our weeks of wedding bliss Phase 1: Get Hitched!!
Well marriage has treated us pretty well so far and the wedding day was the start of it all. Our wedding day was fabulous to say the least. Honestly, everything is pretty much a huge blur for me at this point :-P but I do remember the sealing as clear as if it happened this morning. It was such a spiritual, uplifting, beautiful, bonding experience for both Michael and I. My grandpa was able to seal us which made the whole thing extra special and we were so blessed to have so many family and friends there to share in the wonderful experience.
After the sealing we herded our huge wedding party over to one of the staircases of the Salt Lake Temple to take pictures. And when I say huge, I mean HUGE.

I have a very large family and even though Michael is from California many of his relatives have either moved here to Utah or traveled a long way to share the day with us. Both of us also have made many close friends over the years and many of them came to support us on our special day. We were so grateful for everyone that came and helped to make our wedding spectacular!

After pictures we went off to our luncheon at the Lion House where we ate great food and got to spend time with close family and friends. To be honest I don’t remember much of the luncheon and anything else that happened after that point… You see I was quite ill the day of our wedding due to the fact that I had gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep the night before. Also, I tried to get scuba certified for our honeymoon the week of our wedding and it did not go so well. I had already started to get congested and then tried to fit in 10 hours of pool training and two dives in two days. Needless to say it didn’t happen and it only made my cold worse. So before the luncheon I got good and drugged on cold medicine (the non-non-drowsy kind..don’t ask) and Excedrin. I do remember Michael’s dad, Larry, getting up and saying something wonderful and heartfelt; Michael’s best friend Everett telling a story about the first time we hung out and me cracking a joke at Michael’s expense; crying when my dad got up to speak; going around the room and everyone introducing themselves as my favorite aunts, new favorite aunts, favorite cousins, and favorite friends ;-) ; and Michael and I getting up to say thank you to everyone when I believe I also said “Go Harry”. Again, I was high on cold medicine.
Following the luncheon, Michael and I went back to the temple to take our bride and groom pictures with my favorite photographer in the universe, (who also happens to be my cousin) Sharon Johnson! We are so, so, SO grateful to Sharon for taking our wedding pictures, engagements, and bridals. She did such an amazing job and we loved every second working with her. She shoots completely in film, which I love and admire and wish I were half as talented as she is! Admire more of her work here.


And on to the reception! Unfortunately this is the part I remember the least.. so this part will be short and sweet! Our reception went by SO fast. I remember everyone running around trying to set everything up when I got there since we only had 2 hours to do it. We even started 15 or 20 minutes late (in pure Johnson fashion). I remember the Dirtbag’s (Tim and Gay Taylor) were the first ones we said hi to in our line and then after that it was friend after family after friend after friend after family after neighbor… needless to say there were A LOT of people that came to visit us. Even though we were both dead on our feet we enjoyed every second and loved saying hi to loved ones and meeting new loved ones :-) We eventually had to cut our line to cut the cake, throw the bouquet, the garter and dance. Oh and eat. Michael and I were able to have the last two lettuce wraps we had and he got to taste some of the desserts but I was too late to have any. I think I might have stolen a few people’s left overs though.. Neither of us got a piece of cake other than the one I shoved in Michael’s face :-P But that means you all enjoyed the food! Which is fantastic since that’s all my mom and I fretted about the whole 6 months we were planning lol. Once again, Sharon took some amazing pictures of our reception and here I share them with you…


After what seemed like mere minutes we left our reception and headed straight to the airport to catch a redeye flight to New York City. Thus began the second phase our weeks of wedding bliss: the honeymoon!!
We are so grateful to all our friends and family that helped make our wedding day so special. You all helped us start our life together on the right foot. It was picture perfect and we couldn’t have asked for more :-)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Did It!!!!

The deed is done! Michael and I were finally married on Wednesday May 25th, 2011 in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple.

Now that life is starting to calm down for us I have decided to join the blogging phenomenon and start my first ever blog! And what better subject to blog about than our new life together?! Michael already has a blog which you can view here.

We have already had TONS of adventures together after only being married for 3 weeks so there are many stories and pictures to come! Stay tuned ;-)